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'Out of Bounds'.

A non-profit organization dedicated to helping underprivileged children in Thailand reach their fullest potential. While, using sports as a driving force to make meaningful change. 

The name 'Our of bounds' comes from the concept of escaping the bounds of possibility. Many children born into poverty often feel as though they will be stuck in that cycle perpetually. Together, we strive to change their mindset, allowing them to witness the vast opportunities /pathways available. 


We have set up multiple soccer clinics in the past incorporating soccer training, English training and mental health workshops. Our project in the works right now is creating an asymmetrical pitch, while inventing a new soccer concept called 'quad-goal'. This project aims to address the issues of a lack of recreational spaces in the Khlong toey slums, being one of the most densely populated slums in Thailand. 


 Innovatively repurposing an underutilized area beneath an expressway in Klong Toey into a multipurpose soccer pitch. We now humbly seek your support to further develop and maintain this recreational hub for the community's youth

We welcome volunteers and donations to help us provide the best possible experience for the youth in our program.

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